The digital paradox

Testade vingarna på engelska häromdagen…

While new and groundbreaking technique
Gives you a more global work week
With coffee’s and tea’s
With friends overseas
Giving you a global sneak peek

It poses some questions for me
In the long run I’m curious to see
If communication
Through this automation
Might lose nuances of esprit?

Millenniums of utilization
Of our full configuration
With gestures and pose
Face, voice, hands and toes
we’ve reached a detailed calibration

Which to some extent includes presence
To get to the absolute essence
Where communication
Becomes co-creation
Of our intellectual quintessence

So, looking at the current hype
Of tools such as Tinder and Skype
Can we verify
That we clarify
What we mean before we “left swipe”?

Or do these new channels of reach
leave us with less channels of speech
where only through wording
we will be left herding
Our human bond, risking to breach?

Or am I just old and boring
Is there really no use ignoring
Extended foundation
For communication
Should I stop nagging, start exploring?

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