The bottom line

Some of you know that one of my roles in my ”real job” is as product manager for a business simulation around basic business finance. To sum up the learnings in a fun-filled way I wrote this doggerel a few years back:

If sales is vanity, profit is sanity and cash is a fact
Then you’d better stop talking, get up and act

Cause selling what you produce is of no great use
If you’re selling champagne at the price of juice

And even if you’re raising your prices, which is great
That really won’t help if the payment is too late

So know what to sell and to what price
And package it well so that it looks nice

If you need to give discounts to make it a bargain
Then do be aware you are gambling with your margin

And finally to not make the loss greater
Cash in is worth so much more now than later!

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