Business acumen?

A Limerick description of the difference between basic understanding of the terms of business finance and actual business acumen:

There was a young Scott from the Highlands
Who wanted to learn business finance
Though it was risky
He started distilling whisky
And formed a distiller’s alliance

And things went better than predicted
Although most of his assets were liquid
But because of his fairness
And quality awareness
His tastings made him addicted

His revenues were decreasing
And his assets were rapidly ceasing
But using his connections
He changed his directions
And put his distillery up for leasing

As chairmain of the distiller’s alliance
He could decide without member defiance
That a common brand
Would come well in hand
So they ended up leasing his appliance

And though one might call him a mess
I reluctantly have to confess
That his lack of understanding
Of accounting and commanding
Was counterbalanced with business prowess

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